LetterHero is a different take on the word game genre. Think of it as Guitar Hero meets Words with Friends.
V1 is single player-only but V2 will add both synchronous and asynchronous multiplayer, leaderboards, Competition etc.
LetterHero comes with a dose of unpredictability with some really crazy power-ups and great designs :)

A round of LetterHero takes only a couple minutes. Play at the bus stop, in the train, or before a meeting. You’ll need a strong vocabulary, quick reflexes – and even luck! – to spell high-scoring words before time runs out . . .

Yes, LUCK. To make LetterHero truly unpredictable, we have added random power-ups that slow down or speed up time, turn everything upside down, you name it. Power up at your own risk!

About Multiple Codes

Multiple Codesis a gaming studio located in San Jose, the heart of Silicon Valley.
Multiple Codes seeks to disrupt mobile games through innovative game play and an eye for design.
Multiple Codeswas founded by a Silicon Valley Insider
- (worked with major innovative companies in Silicon Valley) Kwesi Buabeng

Check back soon for the Frequently Asked Questions.
If you have a question about the game that requires a response send it to the developer:

dev.letterhero@gmail.com or multiplecodes@gmail.com